Welcome to Dream Environment

Dream environment is a Non-Governmental Organization with the goal of achieving a healthy environment for sustainable national development.  We hope to achieve this through the provision of education and technical training on the harmful effects of waste on the environment and in developing strategies to address these effects.

We are focused on promoting community development and addressing the problem of global warming and climate change through behaviour change and communication on the effects of waste on the environment.

It is our interest to develop an integrated waste management system focusing on waste minimisation, re-use and recycle. We also have interest in covering issues related to health and ecology to improve the quality of life and environmental sanitation.
In our quest to be the global experts in waste management, our stakeholders will be provided with the required capacity, resource and technical skills in developing new and modern strategies that will serve as blue prints for waste management in the country and beyond. We strongly believe that our activities will not only ensure a healthy environment but also project nature’s beauty.